Almost all Internet users can use a virtual private network, but for those who download torrents, any Torrent VPN should be considered absolutely necessary. BitTorrent provides a decentralized platform for sharing files with other users, but it does not provide privacy for users. VPN Torrent is also convenient for access to blocked torrent sites. But we should pay attention to the fact that we do not approve of piracy.

How does the best Torrent VPN protect you?

Any VPN for torrents protects your privacy during the download of the torrent as follows:

  1. Hides your actions from the providers. Your ISP can not see what you are doing on the Internet. This means that your ISP can not see what you are downloading and distributing, namely, it can not install, download and distribute torrents.
  2. Helps you to keep your real IP a secret. Anyone who monitors your Internet activity (for example, copyright owners who control the IP addresses of users of torrent clients downloading their content) will be displayed with the IP address of the VPN program.

What’s the difference between a VPN for Torrent and its usual ‘twin’?

Let’s imagine: you’re looking for the best VPN. Torrent needs a special one that allows you to download and distribute torrents! It may seem strange that we doubt that all VPNs allow you to download and distribute torrents. Unfortunately, in fact, it is some of the leading providers in the VPN market do not allow downloading and distributing torrents (or they are allowed to do this only in case of legal torrents).

If one of these services receives a DMCA complaint or similar law, your subscription to the service may be terminated. Some vendors go even further and pass personal user data to the right owners of downloaded content!

Fortunately, there are many reliable VPN service providers, and these companies make good money to provide effective protection to their customers using P2P file sharing networks. Choose any VPN (torrents downloading will be possible):

  • NordVPN;
  • CyperGhost;
  • PrivateVPN;
  • ExpressVPN;

Any VPN service that allows downloading torrents, undertakes to protect its customers from the actions of copyright owners. Given this, we strongly recommend using a VPN that does not store any data about the user’s actions. In the end, if the VPN service does not have data about user actions, then there will be nothing to transfer to it!

Downloading torrents that are not protected by copyright is 100% legal. But, to be honest, most people download torrents that contain copyrighted content. In most countries, uploading copyrighted content is a civil offense, not a criminal one. This means that downloading content for personal use is not a crime, but incriminating it can lead to sanctions from the authorities or your provider.


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