A VPN for Windows is a technology that provides a secure (closed from external access) connection of a logical network over a private or public network. In other words, it’s a private virtual network, a network connection that overlaps other networks. By connecting a VPN, the device (computer or smartphone) changes the IP. In addition, this technology uses cryptography (encryption, authentication, public key infrastructure, anti-repetition and change of messages sent over the logical network) to protect data.

The benefit of a VPN: Windows 10 users’ opinion

Now almost all VPN — services are provided by an annual subscription, which many can use on several devices. Thus, one license can protect all devices — a computer, a laptop, a smartphone. The best VPN for Windows 10 is usually used for:

  • anonymous work on the Internet;
  • secure work in the corporate environment from a remote location;
  • protection in public Wi-Fi networks (cafes, stations, restaurants, etc.) and unprotected networks;
  • creating a secure channel without hacker attacks;
  • circumvention of geographical and legislative restrictions (it should be noted that these actions are illegal).

The top six examples of the best VPN for Windows

Based on the users’ opinions, we chose six services that will ensure the security of your computer. You can choose the best VPN software for Windows from our list!

Avast SecureLine is a program for VPN-connection that can be used in conjunction with Avast Antivirus or independently if you use another vendor’s antivirus. Avast SecureLine VPN uses OpenVPN and OpenSSL on Windows and Android devices. Avast SecureLine VPN supports the P2P protocol, which makes it possible to download torrent from prohibited resources.

Comodo TrustConnect is a VPN software for Windows 10. This VPN is very useful when using an open Wi-Fi connection in public places (for example, when visiting sites that still do not have https). Also with the help of VPN it is prevented from listening and filtering traffic by the provider, special services or administrator at work. TrustConnect is part of Comodo Internet Security Complete 10.

CyberGhost has many settings, several profiles and functions. Also, the Windows 10 VPN service CyberGhost in some countries support the P2P protocol, which makes it possible to download torrent from prohibited resources. As a free VPN it is inconvenient because of the significant restrictions on access and obtrusive advertising.

ExpressVPN is used to make encrypted traffic, so your Internet provider can not decrypt the data or find out which sites you visited. ExpressVPN serves as a gateway that encrypts all of your data.

Hide.Me.VPN is a program for advanced users, since it has a very impressive arsenal of options for configuring the client, each connection and protocol manually. hide.me VPN provides a large selection of servers.

VPN Unlimited provides a high degree of protection for user data, hides advertising, contains a tool to block vulnerabilities and phishing attacks. It has the ability to determine the optimal server and download torrent from prohibited resources.


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