While Win and Mac are the most popular desktop operating systems, Android is the go-to OS for the users of mobile gadgets (along with iOS, of course). In this review, we’ll help you to find the best VPN for Android that is equally secure, private, easy-to-use, fast, and offers excellent streaming capabilities. There are quite a few decent Virtual Private Networks on the market right now that feature top-notch apps for phones.

Our experts put every single one through a series of tests and hand-picked the top-3.

ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and IPVanish are one step ahead of the competition, and, even though they do have their fair share of cons, they are largely outweighed by the pros. Let’s go ahead and discuss each VPN in more details right now. We’ll consider performance, stability, protection, privacy, pricing, streaming, torrenting, and more.



  • industry-leading performance (even on long-range servers)
  • 2000+ servers in 94 countries (148 locations)
  • the android app is flawless
  • rock-solid security
  • 100% anonymous (no logs, the HQ is in the BVI)
  • a good pick for torrenting and streaming
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • live chat support


  • 7-Day MBG
  • The HQ is located in the US
  • The monthly plan is expensive
  • No live chat with this Android VPN

It is one of the fastest VPNs on the market and provides impressive performance even on far-away connections. Your phone and ISP also matter, but as far as VPNs go, ExpressVPN is definitely in the top-3 regarding speed and stability. The Android app is very friendly and easy to understand. Also, it is available on a wide range of OS versions. The company officially recommends Oreo, but even Jelly Bean is 100% compatible (as is Pie, the latest OS).
Moreover, there’s a convenient feature called Recommended Location: the second you switch the VPN on, it gives you a list of the closest and fastest servers. It is great for accessing streaming platforms around the globe. Speaking of streaming, ExpressVPN is a decent choice for unblocking geo-restricted content on Netflix, BBC, HBO, and other services.

Torrenting (P2P sharing) is also supported; OpenVPN is the default protocol. In many regards, that is the best VPN for Android. Sadly, there’s no free trial (only a 30-day MBG), the VPN can only protect three devices at once, and the subscription plans are expensive. Take a look at the available packages:

1-Month Deal: $12.95
6-Months Deal: $59.55 (charged $9.99 per month)
12-Months Deal: $99.95 ($8.32 per month)



  • the headquarters are in romania
  • very easy to install and use
  • impressive customization options
  • 3500+ servers in 60 countries at your disposal
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • kill switch; DNS leaks protection
  • protection for up to 7 devices
  • 45-day MBG
  • 24/7 live chat
  • affordable yearly plans


  • security allegations might scare off some users
  • lacks stability and speed on far-away servers
  • bad third-party reviews

Here we have another excellent Android VPN. CyberGhost can’t compete with ExpressVPN in terms of speed (it’s still quite impressive, though), but it does offer attractive yearly plans. If you go for the 3-year plan, you’ll get to save a lot of money. Security and privacy-wise, it is on par with the best services. While all those allegations and condemning reviews are hurting its reputation, there are no actual proofs, and in the real world, the VPN performs smoothly.

With 3500 servers, all the latest security protocols (AES 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN), special features, and a highly customizable user interface, CyberGhost is a bargain. As a VPN for Android, it is also worth the highest praise. Navigation is straightforward and satisfying: you can even mark the servers you like and go back to them in an instance. Kill Switch can be turned on and off with one single tap.

CyberGhost has a very high rating of 4.3 at the Google Play Store. It is fully compatible with Jelly Bean and other versions up to Pie. For browsing, streaming, and even torrenting, this VPN is just as good as ExpressVPN.

Here are all the available packages:
1-Month Deal: $12.99

12-Months Deal: $63.00 ($5.25 per month)
24-Months Deal: $88.56 ($3.69 per month)
36-Months Deal: $89.99 ($2.5 per month)
With CyberGhost, the MBG lasts for 45 days, which is quite generous. Furthermore, it offers a 7-day free trial. With it, you’ll be able to enjoy the full version of the VPN for an entire week.



  • 1100 servers in 60 countries
  • almost as fast as ExpressVPN
  • equally great for torrenting and streaming
  • provides protection for up to 10 devices
  • brick-strong encryption protocols
  • fast server recommendation
  • available on android 4.0.3 and above
  • no logging


  • 7-Day MBG
  • The HQ is located in the US
  • The monthly plan is expensive
  • No live chat with this Android VPN

Initially, IPVanish was aimed at providing industry-leading speeds, and it’s still one of the best picks in that regard. Stability and high level of performance are some of the strongest selling points of this VPN for Android. Just like the previous two providers, it is incredibly secure and doesn’t keep any logs.

There were some accusations of privacy violations in the past, but, overall, this is a very private and user-oriented service.

The Android app is fast, agile, and everything is right there in front of you. As we’ve mentioned in the PROS section, you can install it on Android 4.0.3 and above. P2P is allowed, IPVanish can protect up to five simultaneous connections, and it provides unlimited bandwidth.

Take a look at the available packages:
1-Month Deal: $7.50
3-Months Deal: $20.24 ($6.7 per month)
12-Months Deal: $58.49 ($4.8 per month)
IPVanish doesn’t offer any free trials. And, the MBG only lasts for seven days.

Final Thoughts

That is it for our Best VPN for Android review. We’ve carefully tested all three services and can say with confidence that they are all worth your while. But, it’s always up to you to decide which one is the best for you. If speed is of utmost importance, then go with ExpressVPN. CyberGhost, in turn, is more affordable and an overall better pick for the average user.
And finally, IPVanish is like a happy medium – cheaper than ExpressVPN and faster than CyberGhost. Go over our text once again to make sure you’ve picked the right VPN!


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