Private Internet Access Review

PIA (or Private Internet Access) is positioned as a reliable, affordable and fast VPN service. Many companies claim so for marketing purposes. But how will the service handle real-world tasks, torrenting, and Netflix? And does the quality suffer due to the low cost of the subscription? Our Private Internet Access VPN review will let you find the answers. Ready? Let’s start… [maxbutton id=”4″ ]

General PIA Overview

It`s is a modern VPN service that provides anonymous web surfing, information protection, access to blocked sites, encryption and ad blocking. It?s HQ located in New York, USA and the company operates according to US jurisdiction. The company has more than 3000+ servers in 33 countries. Private Internet Access supports Windows, Mac, IOS, and Linux. It also offers extensions for Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. People can use VPN at 5 devices at the same time.

Private Internet Access VPN Pros & Cons

Pros: ? Low price ? Torrenting allowed ? More than 3000+ servers ? Good encryption protocols ? No leaks ? Netflix support Cons: ? USA registration address Prices: ? Monthly – $ 6.95 / mo. ? Yearly – $ 39.95 per year ($ 3.33 / mo). ? Two Years – $ 69.95 per two years ($ 2.91 / mo).

Privacy and Security

PIA offers a good level of data protection and 128- or 256-bit encryption keys. Users can gain full access to self-security configuration. The system of hiding IP-addresses and locations, allows you to achieve completely anonymous Internet surfing.

Special Features

In addition to its core functions, Private Internet Access provides additional features:  A fully anonymous IP address  Works with torrents, Split Tunneling algorithm, DNS Protection, Kill-Switch (some users had a number of problems with this option though)

More than just a VPN

PIA is not just a standard VPN. The service offers automatic blocking of advertising, malware blocking, protection against viruses and various scripts. It does not replace a full-fledged antivirus but will help provide basic protection for your PC or portable gadget.

Private Internet Access Logging Policy

They do not practice logging and does not track the sites that the user visits. Customers may not worry about tracking traffic and stealing account passwords. Despite this policy, some data is still collected. Those are email, billing info, and temporary cookie files when you open an additional control panel.


Performance is the key factor that influences the choice of VPN. Free or low-quality service can significantly limit the speed of access to many services. Private Internet Access exerts minimal network and system load, providing powerful servers in 33 countries.

Private Internet Access Speed

The speed was made in Estonia and the service was used. The test options were the United States, the European Union, Asia, and the United Kingdom. The smallest ping showed Asian servers – only 41 ms. The largest ping was in the USA – 118 ms. In terms of speed, Hong Kong and London are in the lead (81.46 Mbit / s and 75.67 Mbit / s when downloading data packets).

No Leaks Detected

No data leaks have been found after conducting numerous tests. The company reliably protects user data. The company’s software does not contain malicious code or spyware.

Torrenting and Streaming

Working with torrent files and streaming content is extremely important for most users. Many VPNs have problems with these tasks, but not PIAs. Thanks to stable operation algorithms, the service does not control or limit the data transmission channels.

Compatible with torrenting

Private Internet Access works well with torrents. Connection speed and p2p file sharing work in a familiar format without losing speed or data packets. This VPN works fine with all torrent clients and does not threaten the user with account lockout.

Compatible with Netflix

Private Internet Access allows streaming of channels and content from Netflix. The service works steadily when connecting to Canadian or British servers. Some servers, such as Australian, do not allow access to content.

Other streaming options

Private Internet Access also works with services like Firestick, Kodi, and Popcorn time. The use of these Internet resources is possible in tandem with PIA VPN.

PIA Prices

Monthly PIA access will cost you $ 6.95. The half a year payment costs $ 35.95, and year access is $ 39.95. Two-year access will cost you $ 69.95. As you can see, the annual subscription is most beneficial. Moreover, it is one of the best deals from all VPN-networks. In all tariff plans, the functionality is completely the same. New users can use the 7-day free trial option and get a refund.

Customer Service

The customer support system is working properly. You can contact representatives of the company via telephone, chat on the website and e-mail. The company has created a special Twitter account in order to communicate with customers and solve technical problems.

The Conclusion of PIA VPN Review

Private Internet Access is a reliable service. This VPN offers strong data encryption, network anonymity, work with torrents, streaming and high-speed data transfer. We recommend PIA. 


  • The service does not store important user metadata
  • More than 3,000 servers to choose from
  • Many functions: emergency disconnection from the network, protection against DNS leaks, SOCKS5-proxy and not only
  • Very affordable prices
  • Good speed
  • Auto-connect feature
  • Supports up to 5 concurrently connected devices
  • There is a money back guarantee


  • The service is registered in the US (although we are sure that the PIA will not give out anyone, the fact remains that the location of the service can be a serious disadvantage for some users)
  • Insufficient access to Netflix


By Richard M. Koch

Richard is a cybersecurity expert with 7+ years of experience in the domain. Online threats have been his main focus for the last decade, and extensive research of the matter allows him to give expert's opinions on technologies aimed at protecting users' privacy such as VPNs.