Private Internet Access (PIA) is a pleasant exception to the rule about VPN services registered in the countries of the club “Five Eyes.” We decided to make a comprehensive short Private Internet Access review to tell you more about their service.

The Advantages of PIA VPN

Here is what we can say in out PIA VPN review. We can say that this VPN service is registered in the most dangerous place for it – in the US. This alone immediately raises many questions about the security of user data. But the PIA does not conduct user logs! Yes, it needs to comply with US law, but the PIA has repeatedly proved its reliability. A typical example: when Russia adopted a new law, according to which services are obliged to transfer personal data to users, the PIA simply stopped working in Russia!

As for the functional, in the price range of PIA, it is hardly possible to find a service that could do more. Emergency disconnection from the network, protection from DNS leaks, excellent encryption, compatibility with SOCKS5, support for all protocols except IKEv2 and up to 5 simultaneously connected devices are all PIA.

At the disposal of PIA, one of the largest server networks of the VPN industry is assembled – there are more than 3 thousand of them, and they are located in 25 countries of the world. In terms of the number of countries, of course, nothing special, but to gain access to the blocked content is still enough. But be aware that with access to the American catalog of Netflix, everything is very controversial and just at times is not necessary.

The speed of connection here is quite high. All speed fluctuations also fit within reasonable limits. PIA, of course, can not be called the fastest VPN service. However, when working with it, you will hardly encounter a slow download or a high ping.

That’s what the service just needs to work on, so it’s technical support. Live PIA chat works reasonably well, but the system of requests pleases much less – the answers have to wait too long.

Private Internet Access Download and Enjoy!

In general, the PIA is an excellent VPN service, especially if you take into account its price. Despite some shortcomings in the technical support work, this is a powerful, open and well-known service. You can even try it out in the case completely free, as long as the 7-day money-back guarantee lasts. And that was our private internet access VPN review.


  • The service does not store important user metadata
  • More than 3,000 servers to choose from
  • Many functions: emergency disconnection from the network, protection against DNS leaks, SOCKS5-proxy and not only
  • Very affordable prices
  • Good speed
  • Auto-connect feature
  • Supports up to 5 concurrently connected devices
  • There is a money back guarantee


  • The service is registered in the US (although we are sure that the PIA will not give out anyone, the fact remains that the location of the service can be a serious disadvantage for some users)
  • Insufficient access to Netflix from Private Internet Access VPN


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