The giant of the world of VPN services, NordVPN combines first-class privacy, perfect security and easy access to absolutely any content. Our NordVPN review will tell you about the many advantages this service undeniably has.

NordVPN is registered in Panama and therefore does not fall under the requirements of European or American laws. This service does not maintain logs and guarantees the full privacy of work on the Internet!

Other features of this service include the ability to create a dual VPN connection and connect to the Tor network through a VPN, and a unique CyberSec function that will make your Internet connection even more secure, which is especially important if you want to protect your valuable information from strangers.

NordVPN Reviews Lie

During a NordVPN trial, you will notice that the quality of the connection and service is generally better than many suggest. The problem is that many reviewers do not want to focus on the fact that the infrastructure is improving continuously.

Also, NordVPN is also one of the few services that regularly improve their infrastructure and services. The number of servers? Increase speed? NordVPN will be getting better and better every month.

At the disposal of NordVPN is collected about 2 600 servers: there are extra-fast servers, servers for NordVPN Netflix access and not only. In general, NordVPN is the best option if you need to bypass the connection blocking via VPN or geo-blocking access. With NordVPN, you can easily enjoy viewing the US Netflix catalog, as well as other best streaming services.

If you encounter any difficulties during the course of the work, you can always ask the competent support staff for help, who will always be happy to help you. Whatever your question, be sure – you will get the right answer, and on the most different channels, including through live chat.

NordVPN Torrent

Access all forbidden websites and use torrent as much as you like. The company gives you unlimited traffic. Torrenting with any VPN provider is a satisfying experience. You can browse any website, get any big media file you want, and the level of anonymity is excellent. Does NordVPN provide anything extra? There are thousands of geographical locations from which you can download stuff. It means you can access any website. Even region locked torrent aggregators from Korea and South America.

To top it all off, NordVPN download speed is off the charts and allows you to quickly get any file.

As our NordVPN review mentions, this is an all-around good service. If you are looking for a quality and multifunctional VPN service, then be sure to pay attention to NordVPN.


  • Logs not running – checked
  • Hundreds of servers – more than 2,600 in 56 countries
  • Emergency shutdown function and protection against DNS leakage in the kit
  • Easy installation, easy setup
  • All kinds of security tools
  • Service perfectly provides access to blocked content
  • Professional technical support, available around the clock
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • The set of OpenVPN configuration files can confuse some users. However, tech support is definitely not lost
  • Not the cheapest VPN service, although discounts are sometimes just great


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