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In this article, we will discuss the main features of the VPN service and consider the functionality of the VPN application.

How does VPN work?

There are various reasons to use free VPN software, but the main one is to hide who you are and where you are. Depending on what you do on the Internet, it is possible that you do not want your online activity to be tracked in any way. Another reason to use VPN services is the ability to access sites blocked in the country.

A VPN is a virtual private network that creates an encrypted connection between your computer and the company’s VPN server and then transmits all network information through a secure tunnel.

Of course, there is no one hundred percent reliable technology. When your traffic is redirected to a VPN server, it can be tracked and possibly intercepted. You can also use complex algorithms of synchronization to predict the time and place when you leave an encrypted tunnel.

Types of VPN services

By purpose, VPNs are divided into three types:

  • Intranet – used to combine into a single secure network of several distributed branches of one organization, which exchange data over open communication channels.
  • Extranet – Used for networks to which external users (such as customers or clients) connect. Due to the fact that the level of trust in such users is lower than in the company’s employees, it is necessary to provide special protection that prevents external users from accessing particularly valuable information.
  • Remote access – is created between central corporate offices and remote mobile users. With encryption software downloaded to a remote laptop, the remote user installs an encrypted tunnel with a VPN device in the central corporate offices. VPN as a good alternative is probably the cheapest VPN if you are going to choose a monthly subscription. The price is 2.99 per month and offers several apps for different platforms. with Spanish Server is a service that has proven to be effective as it has several features that have made it one of the best on the marketplace with good user reviews. Let`s take a closer look at these functions:

  • It has an effective encryption system when connecting to the Internet, as it offers complete security and prevents third parties from access to your data and activities.
  • Due to difficult licensing conditions, not all services, songs, movies, TV series, etc. are available in any country. With this VPN you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, etc. from anywhere in the world.
  • When you open a new tab with the site – this action will be displayed on the provider’s server, so that your travel on the Internet can be tracked by any employee of the company. By enabling a VPN, you’ll hide the history of your views or visits because you’re using a different IP address.
  • It also has an ease of use interface and high connection speed.


By Richard M. Koch

Richard is a cybersecurity expert with 7+ years of experience in the domain. Online threats have been his main focus for the last decade, and extensive research of the matter allows him to give expert's opinions on technologies aimed at protecting users' privacy such as VPNs.