360 Total Security review

360 Total Security is a solution for protecting your PC against malware from China. The program is designed for free use and is considered one of the best to protect the device. From the available options, there is a sandbox, firewall, online protection in real time. This antivirus occupies top places in the ranking of the best security software and also has a version for Android. But the properties of this antivirus do not end there. What else this program may surprise the user is set forth in this review.

What does 360 Total Security consist of

This antivirus is a multi-level complex that provides versatile protection against external and internal threats to the user’s computer. The functionality of this program includes:
Part of minds we took from 360 Total Security review

  • Anti-virus protection in real time
  • Protection, with the involvement of several engines, based on Avira, Bitdefender, 360 Cloud
  • Secure online shopping
  • Protection of personal contacts and webcam protection
  • Protect your PC system, including USB drives, system files, and Network
  • Patch Up, which allows you to maintain system updates and work programs
  • Wi-Fi Security Protection
  • Cleaning up plugins and temporary files
  • Optimization of the system

In addition, 360 Total Security supports any Internet browser. The developers of this software have worked on it in the mobile version. Thus, Mobile 360 not only effectively protects the system from rootkits and malware but also launches the system cleanup option if the user taps the phone.

Opportunities from 360 Total Security

Antivirus is constantly updated and improved. Therefore, every year it works more efficiently, and the functionality is growing. The program has ample opportunities to protect the PC system.

  • System check. The program constantly scans the system and reveals new failures and errors.
  • Scan based on 5 engines, including 360 Cloud Engine. Also, the System Repair option contributes to complete system recovery.
  • Real-time protection. Fast, intelligent cloud technology protects your PC against real-time threats.
  • Fix vulnerabilities. The program optimizes the system and allows you to fix them immediately after detection.
  • Protection in an isolated sandbox environment. With this option, you can work in an isolated environment without risking harm to the system. You can also add programs to the list and they will be launched in the sandbox automatically.
  • This is an option for network security and firewall, which guarantees control and security over the network. An option can represent network activity and show a graph of network activity.
  • 360 Connect. An unusual option that allows you to control antivirus on your computer through a mobile application.

It is worth remembering that this program works productively only when connected to the Internet. Another interesting feature of 360 Total Security is the change in theme design. This opportunity is not found in almost any antivirus. To change the theme, just click on the T-shirt icon at the top right. This antivirus can scan downloaded from the Internet file, as well as block sites infected with viruses. It protects you from malicious programs that intercept input, such as passwords, and send information to attackers.

Are there any flaws in this antivirus?

360 Total Security is often blamed for missing some viruses, while normal programs may be suspected of being contagious.

Since the product is free, advertising banners sometimes come across inside with a proposal to install different programs. On the other hand, this is the normal practice of earning money. With that, the system offers really good products.

To summarize, this complex can be recommended for those who want to ensure antivirus protection, but do not want to use paid solutions. In general, everything is done soundly, the program works smartly, the design and usability at the level.


By Richard M. Koch

Richard is a cybersecurity expert with 7+ years of experience in the domain. Online threats have been his main focus for the last decade, and extensive research of the matter allows him to give expert's opinions on technologies aimed at protecting users' privacy such as VPNs.