Best VPN services: paid or free VPN?

┬áIf you just browse the Internet for free VPN options, you will end up with a huge list of those. They look awesome and the fact that these services are free makes them even more attractive. However, are they reliable and worth trying? Or does the rule that nothing in this life is free is applicable to best VPN services reviews as well? Let’s compare free and paid VPNs to guide you on the way to a proper choice. When deciding which kind of VPN to stick to, get some information about:

  • Suggested protocols
  • Customer support
  • Connection speed
  • Policies
  • Choice of servers
  • Data caps

Suggested Protocols Usually, free VPNs have the PPTP which can hide your IP address but it will not protect you from the majority of threats to your security, that is why it is better to avoid this type of protocol. A paid provider suggests IPSec, OpenVPN or L2TP which will provide you with the desired safety. Customer Support A strong team capable of solving problems connected with best VPN service and which is ready to be there for you 24/7 even on holidays wants to be paid. Obviously, you will get a decent support from a provider who was motivated by your money only. Connection Speed Since it is a FREE service, it will attract many users. And thus, the servers will be working at the peak of their capacities.

Clearly, this will influence on the velocity and amount of disconnections which you will hate. Paid providers, especially those that provide best VPN services, focus on building a strong infrastructure which will be working no matter how many people use the connection simultaneously. Policies VPN providers that don’t charge anything survive by selling your data to business companies. Providing them with your personal information may be risky. Paid providers are very precise about how they will treat your information and they will share this with you. Selection of servers The best VPN services work on many servers to provide a better speed. And only the paid ones can afford to invest in additional units. Data caps Majority of free VPNs do not have data caps. Therefore, you won’t be able to download much and will have to purchase more features. In addition, some free VPNs have limitations on how many servers you may switch per day. Paid providers impose nothing like that.

What is the best VPN service: what you must consider

Selecting best VPN service may be difficult, especially, if you are not a tech geek. Here are five tips which will help you find the service:

  1. Check the names of countries and regions where the provider has its servers. Note that the best ones do not necessarily have more of those. Rather make sure they cover all the places you need.
  2. Find out how many connections are possible at the same time. Usually, this is three to five which is enough to connect your PC, mobile phone and a tablet. However, such a privilege may be available to you only and not all the family members and friends who come to your house.
  3. Read the Policies of the potential vendor. This is especially important if you are looking for ways to hide some data. Despite the fact that VPN companies say they don’t record your online activities, they actually do. For instance, they may collect information about the day you logged in, the amount of data you used and more.
  4. Get information about the software which will handle your connection (the client). Some clients will help you select the proper server during an overloaded period; regular users may memorize specific servers of best VPN services.
  5. Check the price. A desire not to pay much is understood, but still stay away from cheap deals since they usually have hidden patterns. Make sure you read the small print in the Pricing section to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Once you find what you need, purchase the package for a trial period (if there is one). It won’t take long to see whether the services are as excellent as described.

Best VPN-service 2019: our choice

Whether you are willing to enjoy a higher level of security when being in the web, to watch movies or sports games, rescue your PC from aggressive websites or anything different, the best VPN-service may make such dreams come true. This is our selection of top six VPN providers.

  1. NordVPN :This is the best VPN service for fans of a high speed and those who are in need of a top level privacy. There is also a 24/7 support available on the VPN’s website.
  2. Private Internet Access: If the price is the issue for you, then pay attention to this service. You can pay in bitcoin and also there’s no obligation to give your real name.
  3. IPVanish: Best VPN service will keep your identity under wrap. The provider offers 24/7 top-level support. You can work at up to 10 devices at the same time.
  4. CyberGhost: A great thing for those who prefer to hide their real name. It is among best VPN services which accept bitcoin. It is possible to use the service with a Wi-Fi router.
  5. VyprVPN:You will be impressed by security and fast performance. VyprVPN offers excellent extras which other best VPN services don’t. It is your chance to use 3-5 devices simultaneously depending on the package.
  6. Hotspot Shield. This best VPN service will allow searching the web at a reasonable price. The service gives an option to purchase a lifetime license. It allows accessing any content and allows utilizing up to 5 devices at the same time.

By now you should have an idea of what you should expect from the best VPN services 2019 and have no problem to choose what you really need. Check whether the provider offers a trial period and/ or guarantees your money back if you don’t like the service.